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  • Day2442

    A day with the boys and girls

    August 5 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We bid farewell to Nico this morning, but I don't feel too sad as I really think I will meet him in Bali over the next few days. Rahman has invited me to go to Rangko cave today and I'm pleased when he invites the girls today as they have never been here before and it's only 30 minutes away on the motorbike. You have to leave after 11am as it's low tide and we arrive to the harbour to catch the boat just after 1. I'm totally with locals today and I love the fact the boat owners kids join us. They perch on the front of the boat for the short ride to the jetty and just before we reach it jump into the water. It's a short trek to the cave but I have to say is so beautiful. The inside has a pool of clear sea water that is tidal as it has an inlet to the rear left of the cave. The children join us and inside climb the stagnalite and jump into the water. We all spend time swimming in the cave and a little later Jan and Luzie arrive. After our time in the water we chill on the beach. It's not great for snorkeling here but I'm happy just chilling. Before long the dreaded water bottle comes out which is never filled with water only jungle juice (sopi) we plan to stay on the beach for sunset but plans change again and it's back to the hostel to shower and change. Tonight is my last night and Rahman has offered to have the DJ on again I eat with Amber Jan Luzie and Victor before we all head up to the bar. We enjoy a really nice night in the bar and I even have a little dance and eventually leave in the early hours. I have to say I've really enjoyed spending time with the locals again it totally changes the whole dimensions of my trip and Ive loved the vibe of labuan bajo, island life is definitely my preference.Read more