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  • Day2443

    I don't know where im going

    August 6 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    I wake this morning with a hangover from hell. I still need to pack and the taxi is due in an hour. Me Amber and the two girls from Holland are leaving on a jet plane to Bali this morning but the crazy part is I don't even know where I'm headed, I get off the plane and while I sit waiting for my bag I chat with amber and she is going to Sanur to catch the ferry, Tim and Joke are there so I make a decision and decide to go there. We share a cab and as I drop her at the centre I tell her I'm excited at the fact I've booked a place with a bath. As she collects her bag she asks the driver to wait and pulls out a face mask for me. Today is going to be a pamper day. I'm ready for a chill after the hecticness of the past few days and one of the first things I do is go and treat myself to a few new bikinis. The ones I have are starting to look grubby and I'm in the treating myself mode. The hotel is beautiful and after unpacking my essentials I relax by the pool. After spending over a week in a dormitory it's nice to have some private space and paying a little bit more has given me a bathtub with bathfoam supplied. I enjoy a lovely soak and don my facemask. Bobby has messaged and is only 20km away so I've invited him over to share a beer and some food. He arrives shortly after 7 and after a beer we plan to head out for food when we see Tim's friendly face. We join him and Joke for a beer and decide just to eat here. Once again I indulge and order a sirloin steak with a rich brown sauce.They have a live singer in and we enjoy the evening catching up with Tim and Joke before my bed calls me for an early night.Read more