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  • Day3

    Vatican and the second coming of Moses

    May 8, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    This morning we headed off to the Vatican. We thought if we do the very first morning tour it won't be so busy. Wrong. We both hated the Vatican Museum. Actually we didn't hate the Vatican Museum, we hated the pushing and shoving and feeling like we were in the Hunger Games. Luckily we survived and then headed to the Sistine Chapel, which was wonderful to see and then to St Peter's Basilica. I can't even describe how amazing it was, so I won't try. Headed down beneath the Basilica to see where past popes were buried, which was pretty interesting.
    We were going to climb the 500 plus stairs to the dome at the top of the Basilica but we were all peopled out by then so hightailed it off to wander the streets and get lost again. We have found some really interesting sites that aren't on the tourist map just by wandering around - today's find was the Supreme Court (photo attached), which Graham loved, guarded by a cute guard who winked at me, which I loved.
    And then the rain set in. Found a café for a wine to sit out the rain. The rain didn't stop, so Graham drank two bottles. Made a new best friend with an Ecuadorian waiter who spoke 2 words of English and next thing they are swapping family photos of their children. I think they may now be penpals.
    So the best thing that happened today was while we were having dinner at the same café we'd been in since 2pm (cause it was still raining!). A pair of young men came from the back of the restaurant with their Labrador puppy (dogs are allowed everywhere) and as they walked past a table the dog jumped up on the table and grabbed a lady's dinner off her plate and dropped it on the floor and ate it. The owner was mortified, and was trying to pull the dog away but it was not going until it had finished. Remember, Graham has by now drunk two bottles of wine and we all know how loud he laughs when he drinks (or even sober). He must have laughed for 10 minutes before I could shut him up.
    Walked home and there was police tape across the road and police everywhere, which had been there since earlier today, so we crossed the road with everyone else, only to realise we were WITHIN the taped off area and had just walked through a crime scene.
    It is still raining heavily and I wouldn't be surprised to see a pair of giraffes going past our window.
    Today's lesson:
    If you are at a pedestrian crossing and see a police car coming don't assume they will stop for you. They won't.
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