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  • Day2

    The day Graham tried to kill me

    May 7, 2018 in Italy β‹… β›… 21 Β°C

    Ooh where to start. How about the touristy bits. Started the day at the Campo de Fiori markets. Not very large but they had some amazing produce on sale. Tiny weeny little strawberries, pasta in every colour of the rainbow and of course limoncello and oil.
    Went to the Trevi Fountain with 5000 of our closest friends to watch the man scrub off pigeon shit. Then we followed our 5000 friends up to the Spanish Steps. We decided to leave our new found friends and wandered up the hill to Villa Borghese Gardens.
    Some idiot decided the two person bike would be a fun way to get around the 80 hectares. The problem was a) only one side had a working steering wheel b) only one side had a brake and c) the side with the steering wheel and brake was not my side.
    So off we headed, full of enthusiasm and ready for an adventure. Ride along and next thing we come to a roundabout on a main road and Graham would like to cross this main road. Karen would not. But Karen does not have control of the brake or the steering wheel so is a hostage on a bike. He had one go at getting across but cars were wizzing up the hill so fast that Graham had a better idea. Let's get a run up. So next thing we are crossing a main road with me frantically turning my steering wheel to no affect. In fact I spent the whole hour frantically turning my steering wheel to no affect, because after this Graham had got a bit of courage and decided not only would we cross a main road, lets go up and down a few hills in the traffic, with cars coming at us from all directions and my steering wheel getting a workout. There were a number of times I had to shout at him to stop as we were about to be hit by an oncoming car. And you can only imagine how popular we were on our stupid two person bike hogging the lane.
    And that, people, is the story of how my husband tried to kill me.
    We are loving our flat - it is so quiet but then you open the door to see a 50 person tour pass by. The photo of all the people in the alleyway is the 10am tour going past.
    The lesson of today:
    Graham is a shit navigator and once again walked me for an hour in the wrong direction.
    We can't get over how much you can see and do in Rome for free. Every day is tight ass Tuesday.
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