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  • Day5

    Steavenson Falls

    September 20, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    I think I can get used to 12 hour sleeps! Woke up to try another morning of vegemite and Milo! I may need to alter my day to day Canadian life!

    Beck and I then hopped in the car and ventured down the gorgeous drive to Steavenson falls!! These falls drop about 84m and these photos do not do it justice. Definitely in my happy place. Such a gorgeous and scenic drive, reminds me a little of the Sunshine coast. We then walked to the bottom of the falls, and then "hiked" to the top. Imagine a very easy Quarry rock! With a view just as spectacular.

    On the way back through Marysville we decided to stop for a bit. After a summer like we have had in BC this town hit home. In 2009 it burned down due to wild fires, and there were many fatalities(look up black saturday), and they are slowely bringing the town back to life. A very inspirational and sad story.

    So we thought we would support the local economy and since I have been told "there is no meat pie like an Aussie meat pie", we stopped at the local bakery and had an Aussie meat pie. And I was not disappointed. Yet another diet change? Hahaha

    Aussie meat pie ✔

    On the way from the bakery, we decided dessert was a must. So we stopped off at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie. Yes that photo is all chocolate. Sorry Charlie's Chocolate Factory... But this place puts you to shame!! I said it 🙊

    To end the day with a nice afternoon nap is a must!

    👣's: 9781 - 6.73 km
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