September - October 2017
  • Day29

    Home at last

    October 14, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    Finally home.

    My last flight was not all that exciting. Once again we had a spare seat between us. So was able to spread out.

    Landed about 30 mins early and got through security pretty quick. Met mom and dad at the gate, they greeted me with Timmies. Welcome home to me :)

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  • Day29

    Hong Kong Take 2

    October 14, 2017 in Hong Kong ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Finally made it to Hong Kong, And finally had some luck.

    Scored a seat between us on the plane, so I was able to get really comfy. And I actually slept almost the entire flight. Pretty awesome I would say.

    Landed and got through security in pretty quick fashion, bought a huge coffee, and am now sitting at the gate passing time. No attempt of weird food this time. Just going to enjoy my book and the wait.

    Once again, making sure to not cough in the airport as they are announcing that anyone feeling sick or off will need to report to airport staff... eek.
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  • Day28

    Last day in paradise

    October 13, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    What a sad thought... But bonus is that I got to spend it with my cousin!! Wasn't the most thrilling of days, but it was still a lovely day and a good way to spend the day.

    Started the morning off with a nice brunch at a place called 1000 blessings. And then of course it started raining so we made our way back to the house to wait out the rain. After it had finally stopped we made our way to the city. We adventured a little bit, and I got my nose pierced. Get to blame that one on the "wild one" in the family.

    After that it was just a very chilled afternoon, spent it packing and playing fetch with the day Gigi. Yes you read that right. Such a cute cat... almost makes me like them.

    Then the adventure of coming home started.

    Made my way to the airport. Getting there was pretty good luck Skybus was there when I got to the station, timing was right. Wasn't until I got to check-in that the shitshow (excuse the language) started. 3 hours early, the check-in wasn't even open. I was about 8th in line, and it took me an hour to get through. Between the system not working, people having to repack luggage and having no visas or the wrong in for, it was terrible. Finally I got to the front, and the lady walked off with my passport to deal with a problem of another passenger. So now two of the three check in counter agents are occupied and I can't even go to the 3rd. Finally she gets to me and treats me like an idiot... condesendingly telling me I printed my boarding pass... Which I didn't because it told me to go to the check-in counter. Then security, the sign says 5 minutes, but the people infront of me clearly do not understand what empty pockets mean. Finally I get to the gate and see the guy who was behind me in line sitting there. We had been joking about being three hours early. Thank God we were. Took almost two hours to get through. Anyway getting on the plane now.

    👣's: 12850 - 9.84 km
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  • Day27

    Goodbye Cairns, Hello Melbourne

    October 12, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Not the most exciting of days. Got up nice and early, and got on an airplane from Cairns. Was a nice short flight, in an exit aisle, and then a bus ride and a tram ride. Storm met me at the station at the end of the tram, and we spent the rest of the afternoon having a girls night. So basically pizza and movies. Woohoo!

    👣's: 4382 - 3.26 km
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  • Day26

    Chasing waterfalls

    October 11, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Another early day go get on a bus for yet another adventure. This one I would highly recommend. It is called Barefoot Tours.

    First stop was Lake Eacham, it was pretty, but nothing special. I didn't go swimming as it was a little early and I just wasn't feeling it. We had morning tea and then headed to Milla Milla Falls. For those of you who don't know this falls, it is the home of the hair flip shampoo commercial. The water was a little cold but once you were in it was amazing and you could swim up to the falls and go behind it. It was pretty incredible.

    Next stop, Josephine Falls, home of the natural water slide. Definitely my favorite stop of the day. Lorrain and I had tons of fun sliding down the rock and just hanging out in the water. Beautiful clear water. Pretty indescribable.

    Next we went off to Devils pools and Babinda Boulders. There is a really interesting legend here about a you g aboriginal girl who was meant to marry the chief but fell in love with a warrior from another tribe. They decided to run off together, but we're caught. He was published and she was taken back to marry the chief. She then threw herself into the pools and killed herself. Over the years quite a few people have died there, mostly young men. They say it is her spirit that lures them there. I think it's just young men being young men. Then the last swimming spot for a quick dip. Some of the boys were jumping off the rock.

    Back in the bus for the drive back and some Timtams. Yum:)

    We got back to Cairns, do I went back to get all packed and then went to meet Lauren and Lorrain for dinner. Good old Gilligans again. But delicious steak. We then played a game that was a version of Family Feud, you can only imagine how that went. Lauren went to bed so Lorrain and went for a walk for one last drink down to the Pier bar. Got myself a legit Pina Colada. Which is hilarious because we were talking about those that day.

    Now for yet another fun coincidence of the trip. I was telling Lorrain a story of an Asian girl who was yelling at the Jet ski tour on the phone while I was in Airlie. And she said the story sounded familiar. Turns out... She was on the other side of this girl!! We had already crossed paths on our trip. Crazy!! This whole trip had been coincidences and timing things, it's been quite cool.

    👣's: 14853 - 10.87 km
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  • Day25

    Day off in Cairns

    October 10, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    After coming back late the night before I was super happy to have a nice sleep in. I got up leisurely and then called the family for Thanksgiving. Lucky them, got a very quiet day.

    I then headed out to the lagoon, stopping off to buy some sunscreen. Randomly ran into Nick, one of the crew from the tour the day before, he was going sailing so we walked to lagoon together. I then hung out by the lagoon for the day. Ended up meeting up with Lauren, Ashleigh and Sam from the cruise as well. We ended up enjoying the lagoon for the afternoon and then headed off to dinner.

    Nick joined us and then the girls ended up going out drinking. I was not really feeling it. So Nick and I walked around Cairns, I got a small tour of the area and a reef education. Was a pretty relaxing evening. It then got "cold" so Nick headed home, And I went off to bed. Ready to another early morning.

    👣's: 20141 - 16.99 km
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  • Day24

    Great Barrier Reef

    October 9, 2017 ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    After arriving at Cairns at 5:30am after very little to no sleep. I ventured off to find my reef tour boat. I was lucky that they were able to store my luggage for me as reception at my hostel wasn't open that early. So I went for breakfast at McDonald's and then went off to the marina.

    After finally getting in the boat I met two pretty awesome Irish girls, Lauren and Ciara. So I ended up spending the day with them. After about 2 hours we got out the Great Barrier Reef. They took us to Norman reef where we went to Dhark Mountain. We then spent about an hour and a half snorkeling around there. Was way nicer than the snorkeling at the Whitsundays but since all the reef is bleeching, which is natural, it is not as vibrant as I anticipated.

    We then had lunch and headed off to a second dive spot, still at Norman reef called Plate Top Similar experience although there was more turtles here. Hopefully I got some footage of them. We will see when I look through all the footage.

    Because it was so hot I spent most of my time out of the sun which I can say I am glad for, because all the girls got so badly burned. It was nice because I got to meet all the crew who were super cool. They do this thing on Mondays where their boat gets free beer at a pub called Gilligans. So they invited us out to go drinking with them. We did and it was a blast. We didn't end up going back to the hostel until about 2am.

    So let's us say that was a very long day for me. But I made it and got an amazing sleep.

    👣's: 9292 - 7.29 km (But phone wasn't on me all day)
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  • Day23

    Whitsundays Island Adventure

    October 8, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Today was definitely an unforgettable day. I got a really good sleep and got to sleep in and leisurely get up and go to meet my tour.

    Thudercat was the tour that I joined. It was a pretty cool adventure. I met a really cool girl Rachel who was on the tour, so we spent the day together as we were both singles.

    We went on the boat to Whitehaven Beach. As those of you who have heard of this beach, nothing can do it justice. It is an absolutely gorgeous white sand beach. And it stretches for quite a ways. We climbed up to the lookout. Which essentially meant a fair bit of waiting for the slower half of the crew. We got up there and it was just amazing. Although not nearly as amazing as being on the beach. We had an hour and a bit to hang out on the beach, so we hung out and did a bit of swimming before heading back to the boat.

    After our lunch on the boat we headed off to Mantaray Bay where we did some snorkeling. I have never done snorkeling before... And some of you know I am not super comfortable around fish. So this was quite an experience for me. The guide kept throwing fish food so the fish were rushing back and forth. The little fish were okay, but the bigger ones were a little uncomfortable. Then there was a really large Maori Wrasse named George. He was a little scary. I think I got some good footage. Haven't had a chance to look through it.

    Next was Betty' s beach for some reef snorkeling. I was told it is not nearly as good as what I will see tomorrow. I still thought it was awesome.

    We then headed back to Airlie and Rachel was kind enough to let me shower at her hostel as they wanted to charge me $5 to shower. We then went out for a nice dinner before I got on my bus. Now for a 9 hour bus ride to Cairns. So essentially bed time :)

    👣's: 13073 - 9.51 km
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  • Day22

    Airlie Beach

    October 7, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    So after a loooooooooong bus ride, 18 hours... yeah that long. I arrived at Airlie Beach this morning.

    The bus ride wasn't to bad, got in alot of movie watching, electronic charging and reading done. And sleeping, got a full night of that. At some point in the middle of the night we made a stop. Don't know where but there is this famous kangaroo... check the photos and see why it was the best thing to see in the middle of the night.

    First thing I did, store my luggage. Second thing book a jet ski tour. So after a nice relaxing breakfast and a leisurely stroll around I hit the waters. And I do not regret it. No photos because well too busy having fun. It was so much fun. We went around the bay, and luckily got separated into two groups, I think I would have died in the other group. It was filled with tourist that could barely fill out the forms never mind operate a jetski. Anyhow I got put in the fun group and got to be right behind the guide. It's so much different driving one on the ocean vs the lake like I have before. It was pretty rough but I was able to keep up.. sorta... with the guide. I think I hit about 80km... the speed where you can't let go... yeah fun speed I think some call it. After a few shots of adrenaline... the guide said... "there ya go, there's the Canadian in ya coming out". Not sure what that means? Maybe Canadians are more adventurous.

    I've actually received quite a few comments about being Canadian today.. that little flag on my bag does wonders. A whole crew of backpackers were chanting "Canada" as I walked by.

    So after dinner with some people from the hostel. Back to the hostel to pack up. 7am check out for my Whitsundays tour.

    Got a bit of sun over the last few days... yay:) Looking slightly less white.

    👣's: 10318 - 7.98 km
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  • Day21

    Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

    October 6, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Not the most thrilling of days... travel day.

    Started the morning with packing and orginizing. Booked some tours and a flight. And ensure the last few days of my trip are all organised. Stress gone. Started having minor breakouts last night thinking of trying to get the last few things done. But the lady at flight centre was a gem. So I'm good!

    Then went off Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. No I did not hold one. Why? Cause it's not my thing. I just enjoyed all the other animals. Saw crocs, koalas, kangas, dingos, wombats, Tasmanian devils... And plenty of snakes. Got the whole Aussie list done. And I saw a platypus! So I am over the moon.

    Dropped off the car and made my way to the bus. Which is where I am. Enjoying the a.c. on this 34 degree day... mmm.... walked 1.5 km in the heat with my backpack. Loved it. But not complaining... just sweating. Hehehe

    But all in all Brisbane was a success... And driving here is lovely. Everyone is so nice and it's easy to navigate ... sorta. And I stayed on the correct side of the road... yay! Go me.

    👣's: 9542 - 7.15 km
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