• Day7

    Exploring North Iceland

    September 13, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

    We drove to the next town westbound, Siglufjörđur. It is famous for herring and its processing. We went to the Herring Era Museum. We reached at about 10am and it was supposedly closed til 1pm but they were open for a bit for a tour group. The fee is ISK 1800 but we popped in for a bit for free as the tour was still going on. Basically, we escaped paying the fee.

    Most of the shops were closed til 1pm, we found out at the tourist information centre/library. Except for the bakery, famous for its coffee, Ađalbakarí. So naturally we went there to kill time. The coffee and hot chocolate was delicious.

    Not wanting to wait any longer, we drove to the south side of the town to a place that offers horse riding on pure bred Icelandic horses but they seemed fully booked so we just took pictures of horses in the fields. They are smaller than the regular horses and have thicker fur. Really majestic creatures.

    We continued driving and reached the Troll peninsula or Tröllaskagi. We just stopped by and took some pictures by the high cliffs facing the sea. We could see þórđarhöfđi which is a volcanic island which is connected to the mainland by two volcanic necks.

    We went a little off road to search for a natural hot pot called Fosslaug. On the way there we encountered another beautiful waterfall called Reykjafoss. A little further up was a small hot pot by the river which was full of naked people. There is no changing room hete so people just strip down and jump in. We decided to keep our clothes on as it was 5°C today. So we just took pictures and left.

    It was only 4pm but we had no other plans so we headed to our hostel in Blönduós. Its called Kiljan Guesthouse. Sadly, no kitchen so we couldn't cook so we ate whatever easy instant stuff we had. There is a café downstairs but we didn't go. Off to bed early today to rest up for a longer journey tomorrow.
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