Gestartet in Lima bei 24 Grad Sonnenschwein und Wassertemperatur von 18 Grad.
  • Day12

    Mancora, Los Organos

    January 18 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    After the jungle Mario and me treated our selves with a comfortable tepee hut at the beach, at Selina Hostel Mancora. It was pretty chique and we enjoyed our 4 nights there before we moved theree nights into the 8-bed mixed-doorms wich also were also quite comfortable. We were hanging out every night with the guys from the doorms, wich made it even more fun as we moved to them.

    Mancora is a surf hotspot thanks to the warm ocean current "El Nino".
    My first proper surf lesson was kinda weird, because the surf teacher we found wasn´t really friendly and tried to sell me drugs in the water.
    We met many beautiful souls and had crazy evenings in the thriving nightlife were Covid isn´t a big issue.

    3 days before Mario´s goodbye we moved to the more chill neighbor-hood of Los Organos, were the energy was completely different. There we had the chance to stay at Piramides Sitchitanda, a recommendation of our yoga teacher, located at the end of the world upon a stone cliff.

    Finally we made our way to Tumbes were Mario caught his connection flight over Lima to Frankfurt and I made it over the border to Ecuador.

    I can´t express how grateful I am, to have spent this time in Peru together with my brother <3
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  • Day9

    Amazonas, Uyacali/ Maráñon River

    January 15 in Peru ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Basically we had every day a program designed by our guide Carlos, who has a stunning knowledge of animals, plants and the jungle environment.
    When we arrived, Mario, Oyvend and me got a room together in the Lupina lodge wich maybe had 10 rooms in total. There was a shared eating space we´re everybody met for the specified meals.
    Breakfast at 7:00 (Mostly eggs, potato, plantane and fruits).
    For lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7pm the kitchen served us all different kind of peruvian dishes, based on chicken, fish, rice, quinoa, lenses etc. wich all tasted really good. For dessert we got different fruits like watermelon or mango.
    So the days and the programm were pretty clocked, but one activity was better than the other.
    We started with watching pink & grey dolphins wich swum in the different river arms, in light and black water. On some spots they were mixing up wich looked like a Fredo cappuccino.
    I always thought it would be a no go, to swim in these waters, but after we watched the dolphins we went to sandy beach were we dipped into the water. I was only really conscious not to pee, to not give a chance to the penis fish and Piranhas don’t like human meat anyway.
    Next day we went to monkey island were we could feed small monkeys with bananas. One attacked Carlos and didn’t went off his had, gave him several scratches and bit his neck (he said, she was on her heat). Somehow he managed to throw her off, while we distracted her with a cheese-ham sandwich.
    In the evening we packed our stuff for a night in tents 2 hours away from the lodge. As we arrived at the spot, the sun was already going down and we had to hurry to build up the camp.
    It was almost full moon so the crocodiles we wanted to catch could also see us, wich made it even harder. We were driving around as Carlos suddenly stopped the boat at some water reefs and pulled out a baby crocodile (maybe 1m big). If you blind them with your flashlight they stand still like a dear on the road.
    As we arrived at the camped we opened a fire had some eggs with bread and listened to Carlos evil spirit storys of the amazon.
    The night was so full of noises of different animals we could barely sleep. In the morning we lit up the fire again and had coffee + chicken & rice. lol.
    So we packed up all our stuff and went for fishing on our way back to the lodge were we caught several piranhas, catfish and sardines wich we had deep fried for dinner. We also got into really hard but warm rain showers over and over again, so we covered up our boat with a plane.
    Back @Lupuna Lodge, we visited the community of San Pedro wich was located nearby our lodge. The only place by far to get a phone signal and some groceries. The village was one street with wooden houses on stilts colored in all varieties. In this street there were children playing volleyball & soccer all muddy in the rain. Of course Mario and I joined and showed them what a proper Grätsche is. At the end of the street was a regular soccer court surrounded by palm trees <3
    The jungle was pure magic and I´m looking forward visit it again maybe next month in Ecuador.
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    Dennis Dorwarth

    Als Gastgeschenk ne ordentliche Blutgrätsche. Nice.

    Nino Tsa

    Rieberg represent

  • Day6


    January 12 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    Luckily got a window seat on the flight to Iquitos.
    We were flying to hours and I never seen such a never ending forrest with this beautiful meandering rivers in between.
    Iquitos city: a completely different world.
    We got picked up from the airport from a tucktuck wich brought us for 18Soles (4€) to our airbnb.

    The streets seem like a raceway for tuck tucks, driven by drivers in all different kind of soccer shirts. Mostly Messi or Ronaldo.
    It’s off season so there are barely other gringos walking around.
    It’s the biggest city in the Amazon so quite loud, hectic and humid /hot (33*C).

    Now, the second day we are on our way into the jungle. Together with Øyvind a Norwegian fisherman we met in Lima and 3 students from Salzburg.
    1,5h bus drive and 2h by boat to our lodge were we will be doing different kind of trips deeper into la selva.

    There will be no connection so I’ll be reporting approximately by next sunday.
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    Artem Skiba



    😍 [Fred]

  • Day5

    Miraflores, Barranco, Punta Hermosa

    January 11 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Stayin at Selina Hostel Miraflores was quite nice. We met beautiful people there and had some fun trips in and around the city.
    The food is one of the best in the world and the variety of it was just mind blowing. Despite the variety I had ceviche every single day in Lima 😅

    Now off to Iquitos deep in the Amazon. Hope the mosquitos let mercy rule 🦟
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    Dennis Dorwarth


    Daniel Dalfovo


    Daniel Dalfovo


    Nino Tsa


  • Day2


    January 8 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Nach 2h Madrid und 10h Flug nach Lima, konnten wir um 6 Uhr morgens für extra 15$ early in unser Zimmer einchecken. An der Rezeption meldeten wir uns direkt um 10:30 für einen Markt Rundgang mit anschließender Pisco sour Master Claas an um dem jetlag entgegenzuwirken und wach zu bleiben.

    Anschließend ging es mit einer engeren Gruppe zum empfohlenen Ceviche Restaurant. Çok güzel.

    Das Meer war gar nicht so kalt (18*), konnte sogar ein paar Bahnen parallel zum beach schwimmen, trotz 2-3m hohen Wellen. Draußen wartete die frisch kennen gelernte crew aus Australierin, Holländerin, Kanadier, Norweger und Bruder Tak (Mario) bereits mit kühlem Pilsener. Aynen.

    Corona ist hier leider allgegenwärtig und seit heute gelten Restriktionen, welche jede Bar und Restaurant ab 22uhr schließen lassen.

    Da kann ich mich nur immer wieder fragen:
    Woran hat es jelegen?
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    Dennis Dorwarth



    mit sicherheit nicht an dir! [Borru]

    Aura Soko

    Ay, las frutas de America Latina!