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  • Day296

    Los Abuelos in Ibiza town

    May 3 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    3/5/2022 Tuesday

    Today at one o’clock Ronan and I [Colm] went to the airport to collect Margaret and Donal.
    We had a piece of cake at a cafe while we waited for them.

    Near the hour of two they came out of the terminal.
    After many hugs and kisses we got a taxi back to the port. I was really happy to see them, it had been five months since we last met in Cartagena.

    After a cuppa tea on board we walked into Ibiza town.

    After a nice walk and drink all of us went to a lovely restaurant that was recommended by the guide book.

    Initially we were dissatisfied by the restaurant.The seats were cramped and the music was loud ,but the staff were delicious and the food was very nice. I had shepherds pie.

    We had a nice walk back to the port from town then the Régal crew went back to their sleeping quarters while Nana and Grandad went to their beachside Hotel.

    4/5/2022 Wednesday

    Today was very rainy. At ten in the morning Nana and Grandad come to our humble abode in the port. We played cards and ukulele until two in the afternoon (5mins of pukulele and 3.55 hours of cards)

    We and the visitors checked into their new apartment.

    Around four we all went on a big walk to Ibiza Cathedral way up on the hill. There were lots of really cool tunnels and the cathedral was spectacular. Although we could not go in to see the interior of the mind blowing building.

    After a walk on the beach we had dinner(apples and oranges by my dearest mother)with Nana and Grandad in their new apartment.

                   5/5/2022 Thursday
    This morning Nana and Grandad helped us with our boat jobs .Ruby and I went to Nana and Grandads apartment with our swimming gear,With a blissful swim in Nana in the pristine pool in mind.
    When we got to the pool clad in our swimming togs ,goggles and hats the Grumpy Caretaker said we could not go swimming because it was closed even though it looked perfect to us.

    Nana ,Mom and I went into town to go to a few shops. One of the shops we went to was a Pacha nightclub store where I bought a notebook and Mom got a t-shirt.

    After that we met the others for a drink. Then we went to a Tapas restaurant for dinner. The waiters came around to the tables with plates of hot pinchos to choose from and we also ordered a few thing’s from the menu.

    Ruby and I were staying for the night in Magaret and Donald’s apartment.
    Ronan and Margaret went back to Régal.
    We played cards and then we went to bed at 22:45.

    This blog was written by Colm :^)
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