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  • Day24

    Coldest Day Ever!

    January 2, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ -7 °C

    Well today we had all the weather features except rain. When we got to brekky, not only could we not see the Matterhorn (our normal view) we couldn’t even see the t-bar next door! It was -3 at that time and lightly snowing, and it only went down from there. It did fine up with sunshine at lunchtime when it was about -4 but at about 3pm the wind picked up. The snow was being blown everywhere but lochie and will wanted to keep skiing with Philipp and Katrin. So after another trip down to the hill to the blue run, they headed up to the 4 person chairlift for one last run down the mountain. Thinking that that side of the mountain would be out of the wind. They were wrong, it was blowing a gale!

    They all came down safely and did really well but lochie was frozen solid and a bit upset cause his hands hurt so much. When we looked up the temperature it was -7 degrees with a 30km/hr wind, giving it a “feels like” temp of -16 degrees. This was the first time I was cold in my ski gear. Philipp said it was the coldest he had experienced in 30 years. Just like Siberia he said.

    We thawed out Lochie’s hands in the bathroom sink, by slowly raising the water temp till he was ok. His hands were always full of colour but just cold so no harm done. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same so we will add an extra layer all over.

    William and lochie are doing so well with the skiing that they have to ski with Philipp or Katrin cause vern won’t go on the runs they go on. As the runs are so big and so far away, they must go with a adult. If we go skiing again this is something we will need to consider.

    Another fantastic day.
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