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  • Day2

    Day one in Quito

    February 15 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    The first thing that we did today is go to a huge church called Basilica del Voto Nacional.
    After that we walked to a city square. There were so many people mingling and going places, it was unlike anything I ever seen. Next we went to the most beautiful church I have ever been to called Compañía. The next thing we did was go on a gondola and went up to mount Pinchincha. Lastly we went to an amazing Bible study led by youth pastor David. It was really amazing to meet all the people in the Bible study and get to know them. God taught me to have patience and even when people don’t speak the same language as you do it doesn’t mean that you can’t interact with them.
    - Kahlea Ney, blogger extraordinaire

    The first day of us being in Ecuador was so much fun! We started off by going to the Basilica. It was so big and had so many cool features. We then headed to La plaza de la Independencia. It was really cool (and also) big. We shortly after I walked to La iglesia de la compañía. It was filled with gold and totally breath taking. We went above the city on a gondola and looked at Quito from above. We ended the night with a youth group. That was a lot if fun to see the differences amongst people’s ideas and thoughts. - Hannah Snyder, writer.
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