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  • Day6

    Park Jardim do Principe Real -lisbon

    June 11, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    after our snack of Pasteis de Nata (the portuguese egg custard) and honey cake? with cream filling we are off looking for another lookout.

    en route we pass by this lovely park. from eyewitness:
    "this park laid out in 1860 as a prime residential quarter the square still retains an air of affluence, Smartly painted mansions surround a particularly pleasant park with an open air cafe, statuary and some splendid robin, magnolia (they were in bloom!, smelled great) and Judas tress. The branches of a huge cedar tree have been trained on a trellis, creating a wide shady spots for the locals who play cards beneath it. ON the large square at no 26 the eye catching pink and white neo Moorish building with ones and pinnacles is part of Lisbon University. "

    -I don't know about the pink, but that building across from the park certainly has a lot of beautiful moorish features. The cypress tree trained on the trellis reminded us of the banyan fig that is trained? or was it just the aerial rootlets in the case of the fig, in Lahina Hawaii.

    The view point you can see below the crane the Basilica Estrala which we just came from.....well sort of just came from!
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