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  • Day76

    First Bag Packed

    March 18, Indian Ocean ⋅ 🌙 84 °F

    I know I have 4 more days to pack, but if I pack one piece of luggage a day, it is easier then do everything the last day. So today before breakfast first duffle bag is done.
    The weather is absolutely perfect: calm, not a cloud in the sky, warm. Pretty soon we will face the reality.
    We are disembarking the ship as far from the home as possible.
    Flying from Perth, AU to Tokyo, 8 hours 30 min layover in Tokyo, then to San Francisco, two hours in SF and then Denver. Total travel 33 hours.
    Yesterday we had probably the biggest gathering of people on the planet for St. Patrick day in the planet. That is sad, but we are glad the ship is healthy.
    Meanwhile, stay healthy (even w/o toilet paper).
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