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  • Day26

    Next time, I'm getting a train

    November 10, 2018 in England ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Although I had what could be the loudest snorer I've ever heard in my room, I was able to get plenty of rest. Having most of my things already packed made getting ready in the morning a breeze, so all I had to focus on was getting some food, and I would need it for my day of travel. I may not have much to do other than get to the bus station, but I had about eight hours of being in a vehicle to look forward to. After checking out, and double checking where the station was with the clerk, I was leaving Edinburgh. I can say with certainty, it would have been easy to spend all of my time traveling, in that city. There was a ton to see, and a plenty, I'm sure, I didn't even know to check out. With help, I did finally find my bus, and I hopped right on. For some reason, I hadn't quite wrapped my head around what exactly this trip would entail, and even with falling asleep for a couple hours I hit hour four absolutely ravenous. Then the guy across the aisle pulled out a sandwich. Thank goodness, the next place we stopped wasn't just for two minutes to let people on, but the downside was that there was no place nearby to grab something hot. I was able to grab some chips, and a few other snacks, from a nearby vending machine to hold me over until we got to Leeds, where I had 40 minutes between transferring buses. Scarfing down my delicious sweet chili & sour cream chips, and probably scaring the person sitting next to me, I felt much better. Only one hour to go until I could get my hands on real food. Finally arriving in Leeds, I was found that right next door was city market, and blessedly, warm food; I had to stop myself from ordering everything. Making sure I was totally satisfied, I got back to my next bus with plenty of time to spare. Next stop, Liverpool. I can't wait to crash, but I'm so ready for tomorrow, and you know I'll have to do a Beatles tour.Read more