• Day3

    Pobena - Wednesday 6th

    September 6, 2017 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Bilbao-Pobena, 17K
    Up at about 10 am, Armando was at work so I had the apartment to myself for breakfast and packing. Left at about noon. My first day of walking was good, light rain to start which got me over the phobia of "what will I do if it rains?"(answer- get wet. Big deal.) I had a hard time finding the route (as I wasn't on it to start), was so happy to see that first arrow! And the escalators going up the steep sidewalks - but unfortunately that was only a one-time thing. My first day was about 12 miles, some city walking but pedestrian paths at the end, and then beautiful beach. I walked the last 5K with a German girl, Elena, and checked into my first hostel, which I liked a lot. Very well organized, fairly small. Not a lot of Americans, which is good, but a lot of Germans so I'm still stuck speaking English :). Walked 1.2 k back to Arena to shop, had supper right by the water.So far, things are as I expected, but even better! The shoes are great and it feels really good to be doing this.Read more