• Day64

    Day 4 - Copacabana

    June 5, 2017 in Bolivia ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Another lazy morning of breakfast in bed and an episode of Suits (since we have now finished the season of Glitch).

    We had nothing really planned until the evening so we took a slow walk down to the beach and strolled along the front. We sat in the sun for a while but due to my rather already pink face we decided to go and find somewhere for lunch. They're pretty good with their 'menu del dia' over here or menu of the day. It usually means you get 3 courses for super cheap and here it was like £3. For this we both had soup to start, I had chicken and Blake had yet more trout for main and we had some sloppy cold custard stuff for dessert. The portions are not stingy either so it's a travellers delight!

    After lunch we decided to take one of the many pedal boats for a spin. We were optimistic and told the guy we would take it for an hour but after 30 minutes of pedalling around boats and watching the birds diving down we were pooped!

    We headed back to the hostel for more Suits (Netflix is key on money saving days) before the sun started to go down. Behind our hostel was a walk to another lookout point. From here you could see both bays and watch the sun disappear at the end of the lake. On the walk up there was a little yappy dog we thought nothing of until the little bugger decided to run out and bite Blake on the ankle. Luckily after a close inspection there was no broken skin and Blakes two layers of leggings and socks saved the day but not before a few hours of 'I think I might have rabies'.

    Now I'd like to say this was the end of the rabies scenario but due to the severity of it (if a dog properly bites you and leaves a wound) Blake was in minor panic mode. For every article I read saying it was all ok she read 10 saying she'd be dead in 24 hours - 2 years. Remembering we had 24hr doctor service with our insurance Blake decided to book an appointment for the morning just to make sure.
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