• Day15

    The Quest for Ice Cream

    January 23, 2019 in Egypt ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Free time in Alexandria, and lots of stories to tell - eventful, so bear with me as we get through Alexandria together. We probably had too much free time in Alexandria. I would've liked to have gone to Montazah Palace (which is included with the comfort tour), but wasn't quite up to figuring out to get there on my own. One lady on our tour would manage this the next day and had quite the adventure and fun times.

    I'd read about Alexandrian ice cream and was super keen to try it. Apparently it's only made here and Greece. It's like soft serve but "stretchy", and super yummy. The best places to try it are actually out by the citadel aka Qait Bey on the far end of the Corniche. It looked far from our hotel, but in actuality was only 2.5 km. We grabbed a quick lunch of falafels first from Gad's nearby, eating by the water. One of our tourmates joined us, but wasn't too keen on walking that distance. She would decide to take a horse carriage ride, but more on that later, while my roommate and I continued on.

    Our hotel manager was quite funny when we asked about how long it would take to walk to the citadel. He said we should go right away because it was closing soon, but when we explained we were after the ice cream, he gave us a big smile and "ah ha", yes you are smart to know where the ice cream is! It's the best and we should go to Azzaz and have the vanilla flavor. His recommendation was spot on and made it a lovely afternoon before the evening drama that would later unfold.

    The employees at Azzaz were super friendly and happy to have foreign vistors, they gave us cones on top of the ice cream we'd wanted in cups. If you're in the area, stop by. I think there are 2-3 locations, we went to the went just on a corner near Cafe Azzaz which looks quiet.
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