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  • Day3

    Castles and Caves

    August 19, 2018 in Slovenia ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Just coming into Slovenia, then off to Predjamski Castle it is 31 degrees c

    Now onto Postojnska Jama caves !

    It was Maisie’s turn to blog today however as these blogs are written on my iPad and that entails Maisie interacting with Andrew it is just not happening

    So today we explored a bit of Slovenia a stunning country quite small but without a doubt we will be returning........ “it’s very beautiful, very green and niiiicccceee and green, we have apples they are niicceeee beautiful apples niiiiceee and green, nice apples” (the girls will get it, our Slovenian tour guide, didn’t know much about Slovenia than the apples and it is green, it was very green)

    First stop was Predjamski Castle, not enough time to go in but looked nice from the outside, then 9km away the Postonjnska caves. The caves were amazing over 20km of them we did about 5km worth. They are the largest caves in Europe. A train took us most of the way in a spectacular ride, in fact it was like being back at Disney Cheryl was waiting for the “big dip” of course it didn’t happen. On the way back out there was a huge chamber that your echo last for 6 seconds. On the train back to the start a large drop of water landed on Maisie’s chest, to be fair it could hardly miss !

    Then it was back on the coach.....”it is niiiceee, beautiful and green, nice apples” etc.....

    Back on boat straight off to the swimming pool then ready for dinner not a big dress up night but we still had a posh meal in the lounge 47. Lillian went off to the Witches and Wizards kids club. The rest of us sat and watched Homeward Bound a musical with all Simon and Garfunkel music, really good girls loved it which is amazing as if I put on a bit of Simon and Garfunkel on at home they would moan!

    Lovely day, Slovenia should be on everyone’s bucket list lovely place and only 2 Million population, shame it was Sunday as most the port town Koper was closed, Slovenia has a very short coast line 47 KM and a little beach in Koper as we sailed away we saw the 2 million inhabitants they were all on 1/2 KM of beach !

    Lillian had spaghetti
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