• Day70

    Day 70 Coober Pedy

    June 22, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Today we arrived in Coober Pedy, after about 2 days of driving. We had only driven about 3 hours this morning but by the time we arrived in Coober Pedy most of the caravan parks were fully booked out because there was a festival. We did eventually find a non powered site at the Stuart Range Outback Resort where we had stayed on our last trip. You have to pay for the showers here. It is 20c for 2 minutes and very annoying.
    After setting up for two days we decided to check out the Opal festival. It had lots of little market stalls and exhibition tents.
    We found one stall with air rifles and we decided to have a go. Jess went first, and the targets were very far away. After she had finished her five shots I was pretty impressed. The staff looked impressed as well. Next was Ryley. He definitely took his time and I guess all his shots hit the target but he could use a little bit more practice. Then it was my turn. I took my time and concentrated on centring the crosshairs. My first shot was a bullseye right in the middle, second was also a bullseye, third was just out of the middle circle, and forth and fifth missed the centre by literally millimetres. Once I received my target I was amazed. The staff were too. Last was Dad. He got three bullseyes. At the end we added up the scores. Dad got first with 47, I got second with 46, then Jess and Ryley.
    After the festival we checked out an under ground art gallery. While there we were allowed to go 'noodling' on the floor of the gallery. We found some tiny pieces of opal that we were allowed to keep.
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