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  • Day8

    Cleland Wildlife Park

    September 29 in Australia

    Heute hatten wir endlich einen Tag Pause vom Fahren, weil wir zwei Nächte in Adelaide bleiben. Diesen haben wir genutzt, um in den Cleland Wildlife Park zu gehen. Dort gibt es verschiedenste australische Wildtiere: Wombats, Emus, bunte Vögel, Dingos, Stacheltier, Schlangen, verschiedenste Beuteltiere, unter anderem freilaufende Kängurus, die man füttern und streicheln konnte und natürlich Koalas, den Koala Jay durften wir sogar streicheln 😍
    Der Park befindet sich am Mount Lofty, von dessen Bergspitze man eine super Sicht über Adelaide hat, die haben wir uns natürlich auch noch angeschaut!
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  • Day7

    Ab nach Adelaide

    September 28 in Australia

    Heute sind wir mit Regen aufgewacht, aber wir wollten heute eh bis Adelaide fahren und das sind gut 6 Stunden Fahrt (600km). Unterwegs haben wir jede Menge Kühe und Schafe gesehen - hier sind so viele Kühe auf Weiden, dass wir glauben, dass die Australier gar keine Kuhställe kennen 😄 Die Landschaft war natürlich sehr schön anzusehen :)
    Unterwegs hat Henni einen Koala im Baum entdeckt, den konnte man etwas besser erkennen, auf jeden Fall war er wach und hat seinen Kopf bewegt. Wir haben dann noch spontan an einem ausgewiesenen „Photopoint“ angehalten, dort war ein Felsen von dem aus man eine super Sicht hatte! Cool waren dann auch in einem Ort angemalte Silos.
    In Adelaide angekommen haben wir das erste mal ausgebuchte Hostels erlebt, aber beim dritten hatten wir Glück!
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  • Day21

    Über Mount Gambier nach Beachport

    October 20 in Australia

    Die Fahrt war heute etwas weiter.
    In Mount Gambier suchten wir den Blue Lake einen Kratersee eines inaktiven Vulkans auf. Das Wasser dort wurde mit sensationellem blau beschrieben. Hmm 🤔 es war halt blau 😃. Der zweite See in einem anderen Krater war nicht gut zu sehen.
    Etwas enttäuscht ging die Reise wieder zurück zur Küste. Mittlerweile sind wir in Südaustralien und die Uhr wurde wieder eine halbe Std. zurück gestellt. Jetzt sind wir nur noch 8 1/2 h voraus.
    Beachport bietet wieder mehrere tolle unterschiedliche Küstenbereiche. Die Brandung ist hier sehr schön anzusehen.
    Wir warten auf den Sonnenuntergang 🌅 und übernachten dort.
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  • Day22

    Beachport nach Shiloh Hills

    Yesterday in Australia

    Den Vormittag haben wir noch in Beachport verbracht. Erst waren wir am Strand spazieren danach sind wir den 772 Meter langen Jetty (Steg) gegangen.
    Nach einem Fish & Chips Lunch fuhren wir die über 400km Richtung Adelaide.
    Auf dem Weg sahen wir den Mega Lobster 🦐
    Auf dem Weg dorthin sahen wir sogar 🐪
    Unser Nachtquartier liegt außerhalb von Adelaide direkt in einem Wald mit Koalas, Kangaroos und noch einigen anderen Tieren. Mitten in der Wildnis halt 🕷🐍🦎🦗🌲🌴
    Hier gibt es eine super Küche in der wir uns leckere Lammkoteletts mit Gemüse 🌶 zubereitet haben.
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  • Day28

    Heading Bush Day 2 to Brachina Gorge

    April 11, 2017 in Australia

    Spent the day around the Flinders Ranges, first around the Simmonston Plain which I loved for the wide open space. Simmonston is 'the town that never' was because the proposed route of the original GHAN railway (from 'Afghan') was altered.

    This was a brilliant day for animals - saw my first red kangaroo ('blue flier' due to its colouring), emus (yes really!) and lots of wedgetail eagles.

    Took a fabulous walk up to Akurra Adnya (Arkaroo Rock) which is a cave used by Aboriginal people as a schoolroom. Impossible to explain what that means here! Our guide Corbin used the walk to introduce us to some of the uses of bush flora.

    Also fitted in Razorback Lookout. Busy and beautiful day!

    Ended the day in Brachina Gorge, where fossils of the oldest known multicellular organisms have been found (Ediacaran biota). We camped under the cliff face (not too close!). It was a beautiful clear moonlit night with great stars. The wind picked up overnight so we became a bit more familiar with how to sleep in a swag, with its huge flap you can pull over your head 😮

    Kangaroo bolognese for dinner.
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  • Day26


    April 9, 2017 in Australia

    Done it. Tried Vegemite. Had the same impact on me as Marmite - broadly harmless but unnecessary.
    The place I'm staying provides breakfast - cereal (you need your own milk), bread, spreads, and a good supply of teabags - life is good! Simple but dead handy when you're only staying in a place for a night or two and don't want to buy the essentials from scratch every time 😃

    Had an amazing accidental (meaning I stumbled across it after deciding against 'Versus Rodin' next door at the art gallery) visit to the 'Yidaki: Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia' exhibition at the South Australia Museum. Brilliantly immersive, inventive and moving collaboration between the museum and the Yolngu people.Read more

  • Day30

    Heading Bush Day 4 - Coober Pedy opals

    April 13, 2017 in Australia

    Great start to the day with our first dingo sighting.

    Then stopped in William Creek to look at the memorial park which has the first stage of a rocket used to launch British satellite 'Prospero' from Woomera (west of Coober Pedy) in 1971. The satellite is expected to be in orbit until 2071, which is kinda mind-blowing.

    From there headed through Anna Creek (cattle) Station, which is the largest cattle station in the world - more than 75% the size of Belgium. Having said that I'm pretty sure I didn't see a single cow!

    Coober Pedy translates as "white man in a burrow' which pretty much sums it up. You buy a plot and can hollow out, for opals or living space or both, to within 4m of the boundary. That prevents accidentally burrowing into your neighbour's bathroom. I've wanted to visit Coober Pedy for a few years.
    I treated myself to a small stone 😆

    Better still we got showers!

    After that we headed off to an art centre and kangaroo sanctuary to meet Tommy Crow who is a well-known Aboriginal artist and digeridoo player.

    Camp that night was on the gibber plain just beyond Mount Barry, maybe 40 mins from the Painted Desert - ready for an extra-early start the next day to get there before sunrise. Another flat stony camp, but firmer underfoot than the night before.
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  • Day25

    Murray, Darling?

    April 8, 2017 in Australia

    I love looking at the lie of the land from a plane, how land is divided up, regularity of plots, irrigation, that sort of thing. Had a great flight from Brisbane to Adelaide today and was transfixed by a river we flew along which didn't only have oxbow lakes but had oxbows on oxbows! O-level geography never mentioned that as a possibility! This evening it's become clear to me again how I was in IT for so long because I've spent a bit of time geekily finding the route then matching my pics to google maps. Easy enough to find that coming into Adelaide it's the Murray River, but what I'm thrilled to realise is that we flew over the confluence of the Darling with the Murray. Love it. I knew those rivers when I was a kid with a map with stick-on place names. Big thrill to see them 🙄

    As far as Adelaide goes I haven't done anything other than buy crumpets, avocado dip, beetroot crisps and milk from a petrol station, but the initial feel is different to Brisbane. Maybe I've been infuenced by not having a view of the Central Business District as we flew in - that's very impressive in Brisbane, but then it has twice the population. Adelaide seems flatter and more sprawling. See what tomorrow brings!
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  • Day50

    Port Lincoln, Australia

    February 5, 2015 in Australia

    February 4.
    Port Lincoln is primarily known for it's tuna business and oysters. Jeff was brave enough to have a big plate of their famous oysters at 9:30 in the morning! The landscape is more like what I expected Australia to look like with it's sandy, scrubby hillsides. It was a short stop of about 4 hours so we all took the opportunity to walk about 6 miles on ground that wasn't moving.
    The evening brought a special treat. If you give the chef 24 hours notice, they will prepare any type of meal you would like. Since we have enjoyed so many ethnic and local meals on the ship, we asked for a Philippine meal-it was fantastic! And served by our favorite Philippine waiter.
    We are now sailing through the Great Australian Bight which is an expanse of windswept sea that is known for it's roughness. It is calm as can be and we are happy! The captain seems to be making a beeline west to get past it as quick as possible. We have heard that the temperature at our next port, Perth, is 101 degrees. Not a complaint, just an observation!
    The second photo below was in the "bait" section of the convenience store.
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