• Day16

    PEI to Portugal

    September 19, 2017 in Canada ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    I am going to backtrack here as it is now Nov. and Portugal is long past,but I have been busy.Lets pick up about Sept 19 when once again we packed up Stumpy - the car - and headed to Tomar. This magnificent castle was founded in 1160 as the headquarters of the Order of the Knights Templar and absorbed a part of the Muslim settlement dating from 9th- 12th century.Walking around this castle I had such a sense of peace -it was almost like you could here monks chanting. Truly a beautiful place.
    The next day we traveled to Serra to have lunch at a certain restaurant but we couldn't find it.What we did find was amazing.We accidently came upon Rio de Viete-the ecological center of Portugal.Located high atop a hill this facility boasts beautiful scenic views of the surrounding countryside smack dab in the middle of this country.There are hiking paths all around and indeed Steve and Nicola were thrilled to find this spot as it would be a great place to take adventurous guests to hike and sit and watch a sunset
    Following this stop we came upon a quirky little Portuguese restaurant which did a buffet - totally different for all of us.I got to pour my own "all you want beer" - a novelty indeed.However,the Vinho tintos de casa- is always best! This spot is also a family park and the owners are creative indeed as every old tire and piece of metal was shaped into some crazy creature like zoo animals,chairs and swings. Not quite as historical as the other sites we saw.
    Crazy Steve loves to play dress up .
    That night we enjoyed a great dinner Portugese style which Nicola whipped up.The locals bake absolutely delicious bread,and Nicola makes great jams,jellies ,hot sauces and ice cream.So we never had to scramble for something to put on the table.Nicola's pantry is full.
    Later that night Steve and Nicola flew to Scotland to attend the funeral of a dear friend.We volunteered to doggie sit but we weren't allowed to walk those furry beasts as they could pull us all over the village.Instead we played with them in the yard till the heat sent them inside,and at which time we enjoyed a cold beer.
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