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  • Day7

    Get out of Stockholm, they said ...

    July 30, 2017 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Stockholm is one of the best large cities I have visited. Safe, clean, easy to walk around, lots to see, great shops, plenty of unique history, good food and friendly helpful people, most of whom speak good English. The modern parts are stylish, very modern and stunning to look at and are built away from the old part of town [a lesson for Hobart there?].

    We started out today with a walk around the old parts of town, then stopped for a toasted warm shrimp stew and a glass of wine. I was able to hot spot from Mary's phone where she had borrowed and topped up a PAYG SIM card from Grace to enable me to listen to the Geelong Cats get on top of the Carlton Blues - all's good [but I still remember 1995].

    We then took a large ferry ride through a very small part of the Archipelago. Just around Stockholm there are more than 3,000 inhabited islands - heaps more as you go out to the coast. The boat ride was so quiet and smooth, we had a great view of all the typical Swedish country houses, large and small, I almost fell asleep - Nanna nap! But we were rapt to see more of the Swedish country side - more to come in a few weeks when we return.

    A few glasses of wine and a long chat with Grace at Vaxön. Brilliant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We had to buy the mandatory "bus food" Swedish buns [Cinnamon, Cardamom and Vanilla] and took the bus home.

    Things were very quiet at the hotel, so for Saturday night we went out for Pizza !!

    Up early tomorrow to catch a plane to London, I think we are starting to get better at this packing and travelling gig - we will see how we go tomorrow.

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    Vicki Harrison

    sounds good Peter, hope Mary is fully recovered from her fall. Enjoy UK, love Vicki Tony Pat & Sally

    Rod Taylor

    One of these people looks a lot more convincing than the other