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  • Day5

    Cruising in San Diego

    August 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Another catchup of what is happening here. I think I last wrote yesterday morning - now Monday afternoon. I haven’t mentioned that on Saturday Michael and Lisi found that 2 of their cars were out of action!! M went to drive his Ferrari for the first time since being away...about 4 weeks, and it was dead. Actually the man is here now and is charging the battery, think that is all it needs, but of course being so dead the key would not unlock anything so it was hard to get to it! A first world problem. Then the car washer found that there was a nail in a tire of the Range Rover! So the Audi was IT for the weekend...but today M drove the Audi to work, and Lisi has used the Range Rover, which seems so far to be coping with its nail and not losing air, for essential driving - school pickup is booked in for Thursday I think!

    So yesterday was a relaxed time after walking....very pleasant...and then last night Michael took us to a lovely restaurant- in San Diego! In Little Italy. We realised that in all the years we have come here, we haven’t actually eaten out in the city itself...often in La Jolla and nearby. So that was fun and different, and an absolutely gorgeous meal, and of course amazing wines. Kids now old enough to stay home alone...

    Today we walked - have to keep in practice - Amr went via the pool as usual, and I did a circuit aimed to meet together, and with Lisi, at the cinema in LJ, and we watched Papillon. Excellent...and at 11 am on a Monday we were the only people in the cinema, sitting in super comfy chairs!! Then after we went to a taco joint and had delicious lunch...that will be my meal for the day. Both M and L are out tonight, so we will have toast or leftovers....perfect. Will put a few photos, and hope I haven’t missed anything vital!
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