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  • Day58

    An easy walk to Olveiroa

    October 19, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Only 14 kms today, and we are staying in a pension in a small village with the typical Galician stone houses, and the corn storage buildings - here also in stone. This is such an idyllic 5 day walk to Finisterre, and a perfect wind down after the hype of finishing in Santiago.

    We started walking leisurely at about 9.30, after being driven back to the Camino by our host. They were so warm and friendly, farewelled us with hugs and kisses, and it was a great dinner last night. Today has the same ambience, warm and welcoming, though this place is right on the Camino so more activity - locals in the bar etc! But again a beautiful stone building and peaceful and comfortable. No wonder I couldn’t find these places we are staying in on the map before we left home...they are much too small and insignificant for google maps!

    But there is a lot going on. We pass many many dairy farms, and many corn fields, and the other thing round here is timber. Some timber mills, and yesterday we heard chainsaws. And there are many plantations of eucalyptus and pine trees. Also we left under cloud cover, though forecasts were for no rain, and it was sort of mystical and misty in the distance when we first started off. But this cleared and it is now mostly blue and sunny. And we saw water in the distance, our host told us while driving that this was part of the water inlets that come in from the Atlantic, so we are getting there! In fact we are only 36 kms from Finisterre!! Tomorrow we walk about 20 kms to Cee, and on Sunday we have a shorter walk to Finisterre where we stay for 2 nights.
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