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  • Day126

    More Liverpool life

    December 2, 2021 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 3 °C

    Nothing much to report since the Monday trip to Chester…till today when we have just been to another gorgeous concert. Tuesday we had dinner out with a colleague of Omnia’s, very nice and last night I cooked a roast chicken…it has been cold, but not as cold as the snow day, but mostly still in single figures.

    However, today was a beautiful clear and sunny day - most of the day anyway, a little drizzly later this evening. So Amr and I have been walking along the track a lot. Many trees came down in the big winds and we have had to clamber over them, but now they have mostly been cleared up and today we went past as a team was felling some trees in anticipation of the next storm (Amr took a video of it for Jaxon and Sonny)…

    Tonight was a highlight. Before the concert we had a wonderful early dinner at a restaurant The Art School, right round the corner from the Philharmonic hall. It is highly rated and hard to get a reservation but Omnia managed to get us in at 5.15 in the cellar, which is literally the cellar of the building, and we found it had much more atmosphere than the proper restaurant upstairs (and the same food)…One funny thing, there was that a whole group of people arrived all carrying bags (we found out they were party bags, with wine chocolates and goodies)…we asked what they were and one young man gave us one saying the recipient hadn’t turned up…very friendly, but the organiser of the whole do was obviously miffed and kept making comments (we made friends with her, she was a bossy but heart of gold mother hen)…and we assured her that we were flying back to Oz and couldn’t take it etc etc …we discovered later that they were actually finishing their dinner there, having overstayed their time in the private room upstairs!! Anyway, it was a fun time…and then the concert was magical…a Mozart piano concerto (no 24) and Dvorak 7.

    Still keeping fingers crossed that the 72 home iso won’t change for the worse before we return in 10 days…
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    Anita Marovac

    Love reading of your enjoyment 🥰

    Ira Kowalski

    Yes, me too.