• Day7


    May 14, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Arrived at 5 pm after 10 hrs on the road from Madura after leaving to a full moon and pink hue in the eastern sky. On roo alert , lots of eagles feasting on road kill - roos and a prime steer . Past three individual cyclists along the way. The Nullabor plain vegetation is mostly Acacia , Saltbush and Blue Bush. We started out on Australia's Longest Straight Road , 146 km. Angela at the wheel , immediately had 2 big red roo's jump across the road. Then encountered fog !
    At Baladonna Roadhouse saw a piece of Skylab found from space mission in 1979. Nearer Kalgoolie trees were bigger , some species with copper trunks showing beneath shedding bark.

    Big sleep and a sleep in ! Went the Big Pit look out. Doing a 1.5 hr Big Pit Tour tomorrow. Went to Gold Museum which we enjoyed and checked out Kalgoolie/Boulder.
    At the museum we were lucky to see a silver exhibition on loan from the national gallery- one item on display was the Currie cup , awarded in 1862 to Scottish born John Lang Currie , awarded for the best sample of Australian grown wool . After leaving Scotland he purchased a property called Larra in the Western district -I wonder if there is a connection with our present day Lara , where he produced some of the finest merino wool in the country -Pic of the ornate silver cup complete with a sheep on the top. We also viewed one of the original Cobb and Co coaches from the area -pic attached .
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    Trip One

    Fantastic reports! It all looks so much more interesting that I expected.