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  • Day41

    Yellowstone Golf/RV Resort

    July 7, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Originally scheduled to be here on July 4th, so we could access Jackson Hole. However, it’s NOT a “resort” and it’s not close to Jackson Hole (it was as close as I could find for the 4th. Since I had reservations, it was use them or lose them (still have to pay).

    So we got here intending a week, as a base camp.

    However, the space is pretty basic, but acceptable. Gravel drives. So it’s dusty.

    Regardless, Sue’s dad (Daddy-O) isn’t doing well so I’ll get her to an airport, nearest one is an hour drive so she can head home. Rosie and I will either stay here and use our 7 days or relocate to a park where I can get a longer term and drive back to be with the family.

    It’s a fluid situation, but Sue either leaves today or tomorrow.

    Was having issues with my Jeep, which would be really bad right now, so I took it out to “run it” while Sue gets ready. On the way back, I saw why this park is attractive. It actually sits in the middle of massive farm fields, of various crops..... with no trees except for the park. When we arrived yesterday, it was hazy to the east and we didn’t notice the VIEW.

    Also last night, I tried and failed getting rhe grill started (don’t ask) so Sue crafted an amazing meal inside.
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    Andrea Gimm

    Quite the spread! You go Sue!