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  • Day43

    Relaxing, progress day

    July 9, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    With Sue back at home visiting a recuperating of Daddy-O, I tried to get some things done that I have been avoiding.

    After over thirty seven days of travel and 4,800 miles on the road, my white Jeep was showing a lot of wear....mostly road dirt, dust and BUGS. RosieBus is also in need of attention. Therefore, it’s washday. It took about three hours but all looks great now, for the areas I can reach. Quite a bit remains above the RosieBus windshield, oh well.

    After that, a nice shower and grilled a steak. It is hard to ask for more when you add a big block of ice and a nice helping of Weller bourbon.

    If only this site had TV (over air), good cell service, etc. my WiFi is inop so I have to use my cell hot spot.

    At least I wore Rosie out.
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    Brad Schwartz

    That’s a fancy rv grill, nothing like I remember

    Ramsay Smith

    Ribeyes don’t need a sauce!

    Jerry Cox

    I drown them in sauce. The grill is most DEFINITELY an upgrade, lp gas and I actually have grilling tools.

    Stuart Carlson

    Where d you get the weller? Keep me in mind if you find it again