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  • Day330

    Hoi An

    February 23, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    From the previous destinations we seem to have had a bit of a upsurge of fortune, or we just went to a place we really liked. We arrived in Hoi An on another night bus, these are shite in comparison to the South America busses. Bunk bed like seats with bugger all room and no on board toilet. Personally this was a issue for me having the bladder the size of a child, or a prostate problem (not sure which) I was constantly on edge. I needn't have feared though, as the bus consequently stopped what felt like every hour meaning time to sleep was restricted to a minimum.
    Anyway Hoi An, we could have spent an age here. The centre of the town was dedicated to bicycles and pedestrians only, meaning we didn't constantly feel like we were going to die! The town centre itself was very picturesque with little alley ways which were lit up by coloured chinese lanterns at night. We spent a good portion of our time here wandering the streets looking in small shops. We also went shopping!!! Hoi An is also famous for tailors! I was determined to get at least 1 suit. Turns out I got 2 and Susie an outfit as well! It was difficult to decide first where to go and what to pick with countless numbers of fabric and over 400 tailoring shops. In the end it took only 2 days to get measured up and our clothes made from scratch at a fraction of the price it would have cost at home!
    Here we also took bicycles and went around to neighbouring villages such as the vegetable village which was pretty much a giant vegetable patch for a village green. Also the pottery village where they made all sorts of ornaments out of pottery, and Susie made a rather rubbish jug (I think it was a jug anyways?)
    Lastly we went on a tour to the coconut islands where we were taken around in a bamboo boat, which was surprisingly good fun. After which we did a Vietnamese cooking class. This was also a highlight for us. Mainly because there was food, and a lot of it. It also tasted amazing so Susie has volunteered to cook you all some traditional Vietnamese food when we get back. Me being a man/child I like to burn things, so the chef let me flambé our rice pancakes. So in summary Hoi An - a definite highlight of our Vietnam road trip so far!!
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