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  • Day347

    Chiang Mai (part 1)

    March 12, 2018 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We thought we would split this into to two parts as we have ended up staying here a good while.
    As the more astute of you may have noticed we are back in Thailand. So a quick flight and long bus from Bangkok and we are here. The nicest city we have seen in Thailand, small streets with gift shops and quite a lot of character. We heard many people compare it to Hoi An in Vietnam. It's nice....just not that nice. We arrived on the weekend and the weekend markets were definitely one of the best we have been to.
    The first day we took a day tour to Chang Rai, a smaller town north to mainly see the golden triangle. Which is a river border separating Thailand, Laos and Myanmar apparently it was one of the top tourist destinations. For us it was a river with land on either side.. however briefly we went over to Laos where we tried some whiskey in which they had put (initially alive) scorpions, snakes, tiger penises and opium ... we tried to get some for you but they were all illegal in Thailand, shame I know you would have wanted to try it! We also went to the famous white temple (I know another one!!) but this one was probably the best one we have seen! Otherwise it was a pretty average trip.
    Next day we went to an elephant sanctuary, it was the best thing to happen in Susie's life (her opinion not mine). I thought it was definitely up there I'll be honest! We got to feed, cuddle and bathe the elephants for a whole day. We were also taught about the horrible lives they had previously led which made us sad so we gave them more food!! It was pricey but when they explained that it coat them 80 USD per day to feed 1 elephant we got over it!
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