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  • Day13

    Activities on Ometepe

    February 12 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Ben gets up at 4:40am to start his trek at 5:30am. I did not hear him leave. I wake up around 5:45 with the rooster singing. I read while the girls are still sound a sleep.

    We head for breakfast at 7:30 and have a quick chat with Lucie to arrange for a transport to Granada tomorrow, she has a contact and will set us up.

    Eddie arrives at 8:30 to take us on our Island tour. We start by visiting Charco Verde which is a ecological park. It has a butterfly garden that we visit. We also walk around a lagoon taking in the sights and observing howler monkeys chilling in the trees.

    Eddie then takes us to Punta Jesus Maria. It's a nice beach where we take the opportunity to go have a swim while having a beer. It feels a bit odd as we are the only tourists here. It really shows that there is political turmoil and that tourists fear visiting the country. It is now illegal to protest, people protesting go to jail if they get caught. They are even arresting people from video fottage of past protests. Up to now we have not seen anything to be worried about other than many empty locations where usually tourists are in great numbers.

    We then head to Santo Domingo for lunch with a great view on the lake. From there we go to Ojo de Agua, this place is a natural eco pool taking it's water from a natural spring. The water colour is really lovely. We hang out here until we hear from Ben. We planned that he would meet us here after his trek. By the time we hear from him we decide to go back and pick him up for our final stop. We head to Mérida to watch the sunset. Picking up Ben is a 2 minute detour.

    In Mérida we have a couple beers while enjoying the sunset. We are not the only ones that came for this view. Other locals have also come to take in the beauty. We take a meal to go and head back to our AirBnB. Eddie has been patient enough for us for the day and we do not want to have to hold him up any longer.

    Dinner, shower and bed when we arrive.
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