• Day14


    February 13 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today we head back to mainland. We are traveling to Granada to meet back with Basia in Marc for our last day in Nicaragua. We get up with the sunrise and pick our bags. Lucie has a continental breakfast set for us. We say our goodbyes and take a transport with our driver Eddie to Moyogalpa. It is a different port than the one we came in. It is a shorter trip and smoother as the wind is very calm today. The price for the ferry is extremely cheap, it costs only $1.50.

    In San Jorge, Pedro is expecting us for the drive to Granada. He brings us to his 1990 or older Toyota Tercel. It looks like it had quite the lifetime. We put our bags in the trunk and the driver needs to give it 5 tries before it stays closed. As we drive, from time to time the driver has to stop and close the trunk as it keeps poping back up.

    Halfway to our destination my neighbour texts me to tell me that firemen have stopped at our house for carbon monoxide. I start to question why. I verify our alarm system and notice that an alert was created by the carbon monoxide detector. Our furnace was blocked as the exhaust pipes were covered in snow. We had just cleared that area before leaving on vacation... Thank you to the firemen and our great neighbours who took care of this situation.

    Once arrived in Granada we check-in at our Hotel. It's a very nice villa with a lovely interior garden. Our host Ester gives us the tour and asks if her place will be okay. In my mind I'm thinking this place is so great, I could stay here for a very long time. We will have a great time here.

    After getting a map from Ester with some interesting places to visit or eat, we pick a spot for lunch and head over. It's a nice place that a Canadian couple owns. After a couple beers and food in our belly we start to walk back. Ben wants some ice cream so we use Google maps to find a place. Grenada lives on tourism and with the current lull there are many places that have closed. It took us three attempts to finally find one that was still in business. Ben is pretty happy.

    It is really hot on the streets so we decide to head back to the Hotel and chill in the pool and the hammacks with beer and rum. In late afternoon we meet up with Basia and Marc who are at the hotel just beside ours. We have a couple drinks with them and catch up on what we've done in the last 4 days.

    We then pick a place for supper and enjoy a king size burger that I could have easily only eaten half. Once done we have a night cap and swim before heading to bed.
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