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  • Day181

    Visiting local villages and hot spring

    November 16, 2018 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    Today we stay near Bajawa to explore the area which has lots of traditional villages and hot springs. The surrounding area takes us on some more windy sometimes steep roads and we see lots of coconut, bamboo, mango, banana, papaya, cassava, coffee, cloves and cocoa plants. There are villagers preparing the rich volcanic soils for their next harvest and we can see them growing tomatoes, salad, corn, pineapple. Most villages have some if not a majority of traditional structures like houses, huts, gates.
    Lila and Jean enjoy a hot spring which was located in a river of a local village.
    We visit 2 traditional villages and see women doing 3 different processes of making their ikat. Someone preparing yarn for dying, someone lining up the yarn to prepare for weaving and someone weaving. We have seen quite a bit or carpet making and weaving during our trip and Lila says this is what she wants to do when she is older.
    We also help someone seperate their drying corn from the cob (which Lila loves doing too).
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