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  • Day70

    Shit shirt party

    December 15, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ -5 °C

    Had work until 4, I did a bit of commons.
    Krislin came over for a sit at 4:30 which was nice.
    Then I watched limitless until about 9 when Daria and I headed over to Corey's for his house party.
    I was really glad she came. Bit moral support.
    It wasn't her thing but she enjoyed the experience, seeing that sort of stuff.
    We went to a random house first which ended up being one of Daria's friends weirdly. Baue and Renee were there, I like them.
    Got to Corey's about 10:30 it was still pretty dead. First thing Daria saw was a guy with big plate racking up and kicking her cards. She was like what's he sniffing? And whys he licking that? So innocent haha.
    We hung around for a bit and then headed off. Shuttle had stopped running so we walked back. I always like talking with Daria.
    She asked if I'd turn back time and not go. I said I got a lot out of that because I ws a by it anxious about going. But couldn't really explain what I'd learnt.
    I think it was that before i hand I thought I would feel pressured to get on it and now i think i could go and not want too. Looking at it through her eyes and see it as alot of people fucked up and not themselves. I still think certain drugs can be used in away to have a positive experience.
    Now that I know I can go and it would be fine, I'd have an ok time. Now i know I'd probably rather be doing something else and I'm not missing out on much.
    Also hows the sunrise this morning from my living room?!?!
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