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    October 9, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    In Vancouver, Tarjei got his hair cut at a small Korean barber shop. He gave his usual request: "Short, but don't make me look like I'm in the army". Unfortunately, the barber spoke little English and heard "...make me look like I'm in the army....". Hair hacked. The barber even created a little bald spot over Tarjei's left ear. Since then, Tarjei has been wearing a cowboy hat everywhere. It looks good.

    We stayed with old friends Anne Marie and Jeff in North Van. They have a cool house and wonderful garden --raised beds in the front where they grow lots of vegetables. This apparently annoys the neighbors whose taste in front yard landscape includes only manicured smooth green lawn and neatly pruned geraniums. We managed to further alienate the neighbors by having Jabba and Boots leap over the fence dragging their tie-out lines, causing damage to a small tree and some geranium pots. This required a contrite confession followed by monetary compensation.

    We walked along the shore of Vancouver Harbour with the dogs. There was a small pond with many ducks and one large swan. Of course, the canine primeval (and evil) hunting instinct prevailed. Boots (off leash) leaped in and paddled madly after the swan. The swan gave her a disdainful glance and sailed effortlessly ahead. Boots surged forward straining every muscle to catch up. The swan swept about the pond in graceful curves, followed by a panting drooling Boots, and then a whole flock of silly quacking ducks providing applause for the victorious bird family. The human crowd of Thanksgiving Day walkers lined the shore shouting ineffectually: "Here Boy! Come on Boy!" and "Someone should call the parks guy. That poor swan!" And "Does anyone own that dog?" To which Tarjei replied "No clue -- I think it must be a stray" as he patted Jabba (still on leash). Boots was nearly drowning when she finally gave up and swam over to our end of the pond where Tarjei had to haul her up onto shore. She slept well that night.

    It was great to see Max and his small apartment -- very neat and clean and "koselig" (cozy) in West end Vancouver. We went walking and ate great food and saw a good movie at Vancouver International Film Fest.

    Now we are leaving Vancouver -- visiting my cousin Ann in Aldergrove for lunch -- and crossing the border. We are feeling some trepidation as we prepare to drive South along the West Coast of the USA. We will see what adventures we can stir up.
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    Dad, you can hardly tell!


    Hey Max I'm wearing that shirt in one of my Tinder profile pics



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