• Day55

    Bad Wildbad

    June 4, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    Another relaxing day, walking and enjoying the incredible scenery all around me. Off this AM to find a new area to walk. Drove 10-12 miles in a different direction, parked off the main road and went for a lovely walk along a rapidly flowing stream with the forest all around me. Walked for 3-4 miles and then back to the car to find a new place to walk. Decided I was hungry so saw this lovely place up on a hill - lovely outdoor area to eat and whiled away an hour an a half - taking in the scenery and having a terrific lunch. Salad Neptune. Will attach picture - 3 pieces of wonderful salmon or steelhead - not sure which - (menu all in German). Will attach pic. Their presentation of salad is wonderful here. Just always too much food. Hated to leave any of this as it was all wonderful. But under that mound of greens was potato salad and coleslaw!!!

    Back to Bad Wildbad to look around at places I had not seen yet. Needed some new face lotion - this being a spa town, choices were numerous. Checked out the "baths" I am going to tomorrow, compared to US prices, this will be a bargain. Gas, grocery store, etc. Back to home for a "lie down" and then out for a "second to final" walk in the woods. Weather is incredible - low to mid 70s with sun and puffy white clouds. The evening is wonderful here, the tourists are gone and the forest is left to those of us staying on the top of the hill. Quiet and peaceful.

    Back for some back yard/garden time to ensure I enjoy all of the sunshine for the day. I have essentially spent 2 months living outside with the exception of sleeping. I could get used to this. Just checked the weather for London and it should be in the low 70s when I arrive!! A nice conversation with the host of this place while he was grilling their dinner. Also met Elfrieda, their cat, the world's best mouser. She has a never ending source of meat with the forest out the back door.

    Miles: 5.6
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