• Day24

    Passing Through Passau

    May 18, 2015 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Before breakfast I saw a little deer grazing on the bank of the Danube. Around 10 am we arrived in the city and started a 90 minute walking tour with our guide Martina. It ended at the cathedral, but we decided to go back to the bishop's residence to tour it quickly before the noon organ concert in the cathedral. I'm so glad we did. The first floor housed a library. The second held an art collection. The third floor led to a gallery overlooking the high altar, giving me unobstructed access to the front of the church. I photographed everything up in the sanctuary from about forty feet away, and from a third floor level. I think I made some magnificent photographs. Next we walked down by the Inn River to find the church attached to the Jesuit convent. It was simple and beautiful. We sat there in silence for several minutes before going out to find the Jesuit church. Though we found it fairly quickly, it was locked tight. Next we found a deli and I enjoyed a liver cheese sandwich. Strangely, this liverkase contains neither liver nor cheese. It is a kind of thick sliced baloney, served with hot potato salad and a good local beer. As we walked further toward St. Paul's Church, we grabbed two ice cream cones. When we got to the church, I was impressed with its beauty. Though not nearly as elaborate as the cathedral, it holds a lovely reredos made of black ebony wood. The whole effect of the altar is quite masculine. I loved it. A cherry streusel and coffee followed, and we found our meeting place well in advance of our 5:30 pm deadline. We came back to the ship and I enjoyed a dinner of osso bucco before retiring.Read more