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  • Day10

    The Lovely Bones

    June 10, 2016 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    This morning's wake up was a tad difficult... We headed out with our bags around 8.30am. We had around an hours drive to a small town called Kutna Hora, population 20,000. This town is famous for a small church called the Cemetary Church of All Saints. More commonly known as the 'bone church', the site is the final resting place of around 40,000 people, and the Ossuary is full of skulls and bones. Some are decoratively displayed, in other areas there are just mountains of skulls. I overheard someone describe it as morbidly glorious, and that is absolutely the best description.
    After we left the church and cemetery area, we grabbed some snacks and water, then jumped back on the bus for a 3 hour drive to our next service stop.
    Arwen chucked on her playlist on the bus. There were some real gems in there (the Bloodhound Gang and Linkin Park) with plenty of variety (Bieber, Elton John), very enjoyable!
    We stopped at the most random place, it was pretty much a theme park... with a restaurant inside a plane, an Excalibur themed section, and lots of arcade games.
    Ebony and I wandered around in search of the pizzeria which was mentioned on the sign out the front, but got a bit lost, overwhelmed and confused... Eventually we found a restaurant which sold pizza, just a short walk away, and headed there.
    Pizza was delicious, and service was super speedy, which we later found out was not the case for everyone else. Best bit, free wifi! Whilst watching some rather embarrassing snapchats from the night before's festivities, I got a call from Mum and Sam! "Happy day before your birthday, Marn!"
    We wandered back to the coach, and headed on our way to Vienna!
    We only had about 20 minutes to check in, get organised and dressed up for the night's optional extra, a Mozart and Strauss concert, so we ran in and really hussled to get ready!
    We jumped back on the bus and headed to the old Stock Exchange Building for the concert, found our seats in this beautiful building, and were ready for some amazing classical music.
    It was only a small orchestra, but they were incredible. There were no amps or microphones, just incredible, live music. When they first began I got goosebumps... There was also 2 opera singers and some ballet dancers, and the costumes were stunning.
    During intermission we actually got to go and speak to the performers and take photos with them, so that was really cool!
    From the concert, we jumped back on the bus and headed to Prater Park, a massive theme park in Vienna. A few of us had dinner at a little restaurant there (burgers!) and then went for a bit of a wander around the park. T, Ebony, Sharnne and I went on a ghost train - it was bloody scary, T and I had to hold each other and we all screamed like little girls, it was hilarious.
    From there we headed to the meeting point so we could get a lift on the bus back to our hostel. I would have liked to spend more time there, but we were all pretty tired. The plan was to head up to our rooms, get changed, then head down to the hotel bar, but I laid down on my bed and pretty much passed out. I woke about half an hour later, just got changed and jumped back into bed. I think the big days (and nights) have caught up with me!
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