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  • Day42

    Byron Bay to Ballina to Brunswick

    November 2, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We woke at the campsite and it was time to leave our life of luxury and fans and got showers behind.
    We packed up the roof, then cooked breakfast, then had our showers and then put on a wash.
    We left and drove to another campsite near by as we were thinking that we might need to stay at one so we could prove that we were not in a hotspot area. We rang the Queensland border and they basically advised that they didn't know what we needed to provide to show we had not been in a hot spot area and then it was up to the police on the border check on the day. So that wasn't a great help so we are kind of second guessing it all now.
    We drove to Lennox head and walked around and had a coffee and then we drove to Ballina. We stopped in Coles and bought chicken and had lunch there.
    We left Ballina and as were driving out the van broke down just at a roundabout. We managed to start it again and then we just got a bit down the road and it stopped again. We ended up leaving it off for over an hour for it to fully cool off. While we were there I folded the clothes we had washed to be put away and Jake phoned mechanics but none were available until next week. After the hour we restarted it and it worked!! We drove down the road and didn't turn it off until bed time almost in case it went again. I was bursting to go to the bathroom so we drove to one and then we went to Brusnwick head. We went for a little walk around the town. We didn't bother have dinner we just shared a banana as we were still quite full from lunch . We drove to the rugby pitch and we stayed there for the night.
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