• Day7

    Casa Alternativo to O Corisco

    July 2 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 66 °F

    After a good night’s sleep, we had toast, jam, orange juice, and coffee at 7:30 am. We hit the road, following the yellow arrows through an industrial area. Many advised a detour through an unmarked woodland. We chose instead the traditional way with flat pavement and a steady pace to test our stamina. It was a good decision. We made it past our daily goal! 12.1 miles at a pace of 2.5. Our feet and bodies are healing and not too achy.
    We stopped for a 1 1/2 hour lunch with Sean from Montreal. He has done 4 caminos, so I asked him to tell us a bit about each one. From a youthful excursion to mourning the death of his mother, we got to know this joyful young man. He was I inspiring. Since his pace was vigorous, we bid him buen csmino, see you in Santiago!
    Now we are in Saxamonde, Spain. We paid $15 Euros each for a bunk bed and a fantastic hot shower; we may be the only ones in this 15 bed establishment! Our host is doing our laundry (8 Euros) and we have had two beers each (2 Euros each?) It seems our host owns the albergue, the cafe/bar and a laundromat.! What a great way to live in a beautiful small town in Spain!
    I am hoping for a church service tomorrow, Sunday, July 3, if we can organize our walking to arrive in a town at noon.
    We have settled into a routine. Charles sets the pace; we stop regularly to check our feet or stretch. We have again replanned our next few days. Santiago is within reach!
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    It’s flying by now it seems already July 2