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  • Day42

    Markets, handbags & shirts

    March 18 in Hong Kong ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Having bought rolls (ham & egg, sausage and cheese) at the bakery we caught the metro to Kowloon and walked along the Avenue of Stars on the water front. The only stars we recognised were Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. We then walked through Kowloon park stopping to look at the birds in an aviary - lots of macaws, cockatoos, parrots & pigeons but also a rhinoceros hornbill. We visited Tin Hau temple where the incense sticks and coils created an overwhelming aroma before continuing to Ladies market which mainly sold clothes and bags. I couldn't resist buying 2 handbags and Paul bought 4 polo shirts. A little weary we walked down Temple Street, through the night market and caught the metro back to Hong Kong Island.Read more