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  • Day12

    Day 12 - Bye California, Hello Oregon

    September 19, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We left our Super 8 motel early as it was a long drive today. Nearly 8 hours, or a whole page and a bit of the USA A-Z!

    The first stretch included the final miles of the Highway 1 North, a road we became acquainted with all the way back on Day 3. Even for this last section Alice and I thought there was enough scenic beauty to warrant it a favourite on this Highway. This might also have something to do with the weather as it has been all sunshine since San Francisco.

    Highway 101 was next and it took us straight into bendy interior roads with tight hairpin corners. This then led into two options, a continuation of the Highway 101 on open straight roads or the 'Avenue of the Giants' which was the old bendy road with huge redwood trees. We took the scenic route and we're glad we did as the trees lining the road are ridiculously large. This area has one of the biggest trees in the world but that would require a short hike. Our aim for today was still a long way off and so we continued on. We are on Day 12 of 90 and we have only really seen California and some of Nevada so far. We better get a move on if we're going to do this loop!

    After the trees we saw the wood... of the log cabin infused theme of Applebee's, an all American dining experience. It also reminded me of the 'Harvester' chain in the UK, minus the free salad, and it reminded Alice of the 'Cobb'n'Co' chain in New Zealand. I had the 'streetlife chicken and cajun shrimp sizzler' and Alice had the 'won ton shrimp stirfry'. The food was very good and well priced but it was our server who capped off our lunch. When I asked for a glass of water I got his finger pointed at me in a non-threatening gun gesture followed by a wink and a 'you got it!'. I also got my coffee 'on the house' for some reason. It's been twelve days of good to excellent service so far and today we hit exceptional. He definitely deserved a recommended 18% tip. I pushed it to 20%.

    Leaving with smiles and full bellies it was not long before we hit the Oregon state line. California has been a blast and we would love to come back and discover the state further in the future. Crossing into Oregan there were still lots of trees, lakes and so forth and I thought it would take a little while for Oregon to reveal itself. On arrival at our destination, Coos Bay, a change was soon becoming apparent. Primarily the increased presence of the logging and fishery industries. However, it is still early in this picturesque state and tomorrow, more driving and revelation awaits.

    Song of the Day:
    KC and the Sunshine Band - Give It Up (heard it on the road and summed up how we felt about not getting to see everything we want to)
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