• Day16

    Dead Sea

    April 20 in Palestine ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    436m below sea level.
    Tamarisk and date trees tolerate the salt.
    Donkeys are used to keep ground clear in the orchards.
    Pot Ash extracted from the Dead Sea is the main export of Israel. They also extract Magnesium and Bromide from the water. The water feels oily, which is the magnesium.
    Sinkholes develop when water recedes which make it dangerous to walk on due to sudden collapse.
    The sea is really deep, the lighter aqua colour water are manmade and filled from a channel dug from main sea.
    Very unusual place! Went for a bob in the sea - not quite our usual swim at the beach, but it's supposed to have great medicinal benefits!
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