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  • Day1363

    USA Tour - New York City, New York

    December 5, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    Woke up this morning feeling like an old man Hahahahaha I was shattered and my legs ached. However this was my last day in NYC so I wasn’t going to waste it! Shaun, Emma, Kev, Ted and Juliet all said I had to do the walk over the Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan. All I can say is awesome. It’s basically every photo or movie you’ve seen - that’s the view. I didn’t care it was cold. It was awesome.

    I went back on the ferry to Staten Island today so I could get some photos of the Statue of Liberty and the view of Manhattan. Staten Island is shit there’s not much there but it’s worth a walk around like.

    I met up with a loooong time friend today - we’ve known each other for around 20 years! So Carla messaged me on Instagram letting me know she was in NYC for the night. So we arranged to meet up for a beer or two.... turned into about 50.

    We met up around 5pm and we went for some food. She recommended this place called ‘Ellen’s stardust diner’ it’s supposed to be famous but I’d Never heard it Hahahahaha. The queue to this place was around for block so we waited inline for around 35 minutes before a table became available.

    I’ll be honest I wasn’t a fan of it - but I liked the concept. All the waiters and waitresses sing and dance on tables etc, but they weren’t that good Hahahahaha. The food was alright though. Anyway we’re sitting there taking the piss out the place and a guy turns up behind me with a camera and a microphone asking me can he interview me about our experience at the restaurant..... fuck me nearly died. Carla is crying laughing whilst I’m there lying to this guy about how amazing this place was.... never felt more awkward in my life. We left not long after, crying laughing

    After there we went to the Rockefeller tree and then watched the light show at Saks. We then went the Christmas markets on Bryant park and got a beer, but it was freezing so we only stayed for the one then I took her to Carraghers Bar as she didn’t know it was there! We was in there from about 8pm to 1am just drinking and catching up which was cool - Carla got smashed was hilarious. I walked Carla back to her hotel by Times Square which was about 15 blocks away and she kept stopping and dancing and humming in the street. A walk which should of taken maybe 20 mins ended up taking closer to 1 hour. I dropped Carla off at the hotel and went to get the subway back to Brooklyn. Every train was cancelled after I had been waiting there for an hour I decided to just get an Uber back. Fuming. But over all a brilliant day!
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