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  • Day1372

    USA Tour - Nashville

    December 14, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Up and out today aaaaaaand it was lashing it down. Gutted. Hasn’t stopped all day and when you don’t really have much winter/wet weather clothing it’s a proper bitch.

    However I did manage to get a few sites in before I and to give up and turn back. I went to see the state capitol building which is cool, saw the Andrew Jackson monument, Vietnam war monument, Korean War monument etc, basically I went to the war museum.

    After I had managed to get soaked i went to broadway to a place called nudies honkey tonk bar which was awesome. It had the longest bar in Nashville it was class. The band was awesome, played some cool songs and I even got a request on which was sharp dressed man and they did it brilliantly! After a few beers in there I went to broadway brewery- 70 ales on tap! Cool place and I had brisket nachos that was bigger than my torso!

    I debated about going out tonight but I’ve been told Saturday is the big night so I saved my money as I have to pick and choose my battles when travelling as once the money is gone. That’s it. Game over. Time to fly home. So I went back the hostel and just chilled, kinda boring but you can’t constantly keep yourself entertained whilst away, and sometimes just doing nothing is good for the mind.

    Hopefully tomorrow I can get out and go and see the pantheon and the grand old oprey- fingers crossed for the weather...
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