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  • Day1412

    USA Tour - San Francsico - California

    January 23 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Last full day in USA today. I’m going to miss it but I’ll be honest, I preferred Europe. There’s just not much here in terms of cultural or historical interest. I do forget how young of a country it is but bragging about a church that’s 150 years old isn’t amazing.

    But, I’ve had a great time here, the food is awesome, the people are polite and it is kinda like visiting different countries visiting state to state.

    I’d still say Boston is my favourite city, the place is awesome. Hands down my favourite. I would say second would have to be Vegas then NOLA. So if I was to rank them I would say:

    1) Boston
    2) Las Vegas
    3) NOLA
    4) Portland, Maine
    5) Austin
    6) Nashville
    7) New York City
    8) San Francisco
    9) Houston
    10) Washington DC
    11) Philadelphia
    12) Los Angeles
    13) Dallas
    14) Atlantic City
    15) Memphis

    Although I had some amazing experiences in places such as Dallas and LA, overall they just didn’t inspire me like the others did. I don’t think I could rank my experiences in order, how could I chose between watching the cowboys win against doing the freedom trial in Boston. They’re too different and left different emotions on me.

    I’ll look back fondly on my time in the US. I have many memories, stories and experiences to share and talk about. My waist line is a little larger, my skin a little browner, my brain a little more educated and my crazy decision to sell everything and leave everything I loved and knew behind to set off on my own even more justified.

    I’ve managed to narrow down my top moments in 6 photos. Hopefully I’ll look back on this one day with fondness and pride. I met some cool new people, I met up with old friends. I’ve done things I only dreamed about, I’ve seen things I’ve always wanted to see and experienced things I’ve always wanted.

    This isn’t a goodbye USA, just a see you later.

    I’m sure I will.
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