• Day1415

    Asia Tour - Bangkok - Thailand

    January 26, 2019 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    So after a quick sleep I got up early due to jet lag, and I was WIIIIIIDE awake! So I decided to make the most of the day and go exploring. The hostel I’m staying in is about an hours walk into the backpacker bit (booked this hostel by accident but it’s actually really nice) I had no idea where I was going really, I just walked west as that’s where Khao SAN road was from me. After getting temporarily lost in what I would assume is the Thai version of a favella which was quite sobering. They didn’t even have front doors and outside their homes was a stagnant water river. Smelled awful. Walking through there I thought I could give these people a couple of thousand baht and it would change their week certainly, maybe even longer. I didn’t mind you, didn’t fancy being swarmed in a favella.

    I somehow made it back to the main road and followed that towards the grand palace. The roads here are insane, really counter intuitive to cross a road. You basically just walk out into the road and pray a car doesn’t hit you. The key is just to commit to it, if you slow down or stop then that’s what will cause an accident.

    I get about 2/3 way in and the weather is roasting hot and I’m in all black, not my best idea to be fair. I saw some lovely temples and monuments on my way in and lots of homage to their king. They love that guy here.

    I eventually make it to Khao SAN road. It’s mental. Busiest road I’ve ever seen in my life. So vibrant.

    I find a bar, can’t remember the name but it was a cool bar, got my self 2 pints of Chang and a whole load of pad thai. Tastes better here. After enjoying my ice cold beers and food, I walk up and down Khao San road for a bit, looking at all the shops and bars. I walk around the area with no particular end goal. Came across a few cool places. I couldn’t enter any of the temples as I had shorts on, you must cover your ankles so pants it will have to be so I put that on my shopping list.

    After pretty walking around the whole day I made my way back my hostel with the sun setting. Wow. I came across a temple and it looked amazing at night.

    I also stumbled upon a night market by pure chance. It was awesome. I don’t think it’s a popular one with tourists as I think I was the only non Thai person there. It was cool though, ended up paying 4 times as much for a pair of flip flops. When I asked how much they where the woman told me 100 baht. I pulled out my money and I only had 1000 baht notes.... 24 of them. She hadn’t seen that type of money before and called her friend over so they could both see me count it. I felt so guilty I just gave her 400 baht and walked away.

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