• Day1480

    Asia Tour - Nihn Bihn - Vietnam

    April 1, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Was picked up at my hostel at 7:30 am to travel to Ninh Binh which is known locally as Ha Long Bay on land. It’s where Kong Skull Island was filmed. The journey down to Ninh Bihn was uneventful, however we did stop off at the ancient capital of Vietnam which was cool. We saw some temples in honour of the first two dynasty’s in Vietnam built by a later king as a sign of respect.

    The weather was awful, it was just lashing it down constantly.

    After the tour of the temples we went for lunch. The weather was that bad the restaurants power went out so we where eating in the dark which was a new experience. Food was terrible.

    We arrived in Ninh Bihn around 40 mins after lunch. Part of the itinerary was meant to be a bike ride but the weather was awful, however myself and a couple of the guys on the tour wanted to do it anyway. We where already wet so it wasn’t like we could get anymore wet.

    The bike ride was nice, it took us into a rice paddy, and the views where awesome.

    We headed back into the village and thankfully the weather relented just in time for the cruise down the river. I was paired with Fraser from Oz and Christian from the Philippines who where cool guys. We had a good laugh on the river, had some cool conversations. One of the best thunks about travelling is the people you meet and these guys where cool.

    The cruise it’s self was amazing, the scenery will rival anywhere in the world, even with the slightly crappy weather.

    After the cruise it was back to Hanoi for a few beers!
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