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  • Day1481

    Asia Tour - Ha Long Bay - Vietnam

    April 2, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    So this is what I’ve been looking forward to since I started travelling... going to Ha Long Bay!!!

    I booked a 2 day 1 night cruise around the bay via my hostel. I was picked up at the hostel at 7:45 and it was a 4 hour trip to Ha Long Bay. The annoying thing about travel in Vietnam it takes so long and they always stop for a break at a place for disabled workers which as a sentiment is nice. But you can’t really buy anything there as it’s all statues and paintings etc, and the stuff you can buy you get ripped off hugely on the price - a can of lemon Fanta, a while chocolate bar and some m&ms was over £6 hahahahaha

    We arrived at the bay, and hopped on our tender boat to get to our ship. In Vietnam it’s required by law for all tourist boats to be painted white as it’s shown to make westerners feel more comfortable. The shop it’s self was nice... for Vietnamese standards. By western standards it wasn’t great, but if you want western standards... stay in the west. If travel is too familiar or too comfortable... you’re doing it wrong.

    On my boat was some guys I knew from my hostel - 3 french guys who where also on my tour to Ninh Bihn. They where cool guys, Benjamin, Jemal, and ash.

    We had a few hours on the boat having lunch and a few beers before we set out Kayaking in the Bay to the beach. This was cool but very scary as the water was super deep and I was relying on a Frenchman who also can’t swim hahahah. After a while though I relaxed and had a great time. I even went swimming on the beach which is not something I would have done usually.

    After returning to the boat we had some more beers, and evening dinner which was nice and plentiful. Watching then sunset over the bay with a beer and some new friends was an awesome experience and one I won’t forget.
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