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  • Day25

    What makes a pilgrim?

    October 4, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    I still haven't answered that question.

    Some would argue that it involves a measure of sacrifice,. There are those who fall in the "no pain, no gain" camp. For others it is walking every mile of the Camino with your full backpack -- no luggage service and no taxis.

    I've developed shin splints and so incurred a measure of suffering today. That said, I don't feel any more a pilgrim today than I did yesterday when each step was pain free.

    I do know that each pilgrim has the physical and mental resiliency to get up each day to walk 20-30 km. and then do it again the following day. Pilgrims share stories, medical advice and some deeply personal convictions. They help and look out for each other. A remarkable community that reshapes itself around you everyday.
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    Laura Paul

    Every walker has a story and a privilege it must be to share. Hope they also have some ice to share for those shins!

    Ben Nielsen

    Of course, "no pain, no gain" has a different meaning at 16 than it does 40 years on. I do believe it does engrain a more lasting memory of an event if that is any consolation. So, you will never forget where you were on the Camino when the pain set in. Hope it was a picturesque spot. Keep well my friend.

    Marie Hutchison

    Ahhh...such a fascinating question...I wonder if you will have an answer once you complete this incredible journey? Hope your shins heal quickly!